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We Want To Go WythinTM

 Most people are yearning to connect with something more meaningful and fulfilling than copious digital content, social media and routine work life. 

Excitingly, we now know the formula to a better life and what used to be businesses chasing only profit are also seeing the light.


Major businesses are recognising that they grow and deliver the best for their customers when their employees grow and are given the freedom to shine in their own way. Google’s personal projects during work time initiative, the work of Boston Consulting Group and AMP have championed the end of ridiculous work hours everyday so employees can get home to family and friends.

It’s no longer about hours at the desk or work/life balance (which never worked). Nor is it about turning up to fill a job spec. It’s about stepping up to give the world the best of you. Its ending the tug of war between personal and work lives - because it was always an artificial distinction - you have just one life - not two. It’s about reengineering your whole life to reflect your purpose for being on this Earth and what you can best contribute to it. How can YOU redesign your life?

And the science is clear... people like Carol Dweck have spent over 20 years showing that successful lives involve growing as people. After 50 years of work on what makes us happy, Martin Seligman devised a formula for a fulfilling and meaningful life. Dan Buettner worked out why some communities have large numbers of people who live healthily over 100 years old. This is an exciting time in history where we now know the formula to a healthy, meaningful and fulfilling life.

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However, our wellbeing options have never been so overwhelming!

The problem persists: how do you find the perfect wellbeing solution for you? Who has the time to sift through the countless options available?

iWithin takes the time and effort of discovering what’s right for you out of the equation – we’ve been doing the hard yards of finding that out for over 25 years. Our game plan approach delivers the universal framework for success combined with teaching you how to tap into your inner strengths and identify and overcome the unconscious patterns and habits that hold you back.

For a true, lasting transformation to take place, people need to take little actions each day combined with experience - just reading about how to succeed doesn’t guarantee change. It’s only through applying the right knowledge in first hand experience that it becomes wisdom. 

iWithin delivers this. The future of living life well is finally here. 

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