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 Meet The iWithin Team 


Nathan Cahill

Founder & CEO

(BSc Genetics, BLLB, Macquarie University)


You can read a bit about my earlier personal journey that got me into the stuff iWithin is about on our home page. Here is something you may not have known about me and why I started iWithin…

In my early 40s, while lifting really heavy weights in the gym, I ripped an artery off my heart. This caused two heart attacks that nearly killed me. I was very lucky to survive. I lay in the hospital in disbelief. I had lived a healthy life, yet I saw how it could end at any moment. 

I took this as a lesson; I’d long wanted to do something more meaningful than just business and law and I really wanted to help people share in the wonderful things I’d learned that helped me – so they could avoid the suffering I’d been through and live a full and rich life. I was now motivated to make this happen, I just didn’t know how to do it yet.  During my recovery in hospital, the idea came to me to start iWithin.

I wanted to return to what I started in my 20s during my time in the health industry - cracking the code to why an arthritic granny could bring herself to kick serious arse in the gym whilst younger more able people could not lose weight let alone keep up a gym routine. I knew I had many of the answers from what I had graciously already been by given by wonderful teachers and techniques, but something was missing. I thought about how people could kick crystal meth addictions (one of the hardest substances to get off) and how someone who was obese for 30 years suddenly got super lean and fit - and stayed that way. There was something they were doing that others were not. 

So, I started a journey of interviewing people who had succeeded at making major life changes. I applied my scientific training to pour through countless books on psychology and hundreds if not thousands of scientific papers to find out what really works. This all contributed to the 21 ingredients of the success formula that is the foundation of iWithin.


Eric Shuss 

Founder & COO


I have spent my entire life learning and implementing technologies to try to make the world a better place.  My journey started growing up in a family owned machine shop. When I was just 10 years old I learned that by simply entering data in a system I could control a large computer controlled milling machine. At such a young age I was so fascinated by the possibility of controlling machines by computer that my passion and interest in robotics was born.  My passion then turned to artificial intelligence (AI) when I realised that the robot was really just a vessel for the AI and should be free from the physical constraints of just one robotic body. 


I saw the coming computer revolution in the 80s and started my first company at sixteen hoping to change the world. It did not change the world BUT it was a beginning.


As the personal computer industry was born I started to take on a variety of roles. I wanted to take on as many hands on roles as I could to get a deeper understanding of how AI, software and business worked. I started to select roles to learn how we can use AI to help every person reach their true potential.  


Over that more than 35 years I ended up owning and managing multiple successful high-tech endeavours (and some not so successful!) including hardware, software and professional services companies. I been fortunate enough to have worked with some great people and businesses that have continued to fuel my passion and what is now a deep expertise in where technology, such as robotics and artificial intelligence, meets business, wellbeing, health and longevity. 


My own struggles with health and weight during my busy lifestyle along with challenging health issues of some of my family members has led my on a journey to find solutions for lasting wellbeing and health. Having benefited from the iWithin program in dealing with stress, getting my health and weight under control and having seen what is out there that can help my family (but people are not getting to it) has been a driving force for me to bring iWithin to those in need. 

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