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Get Your Game Plan Now

The iWithin Team has spent a lot of time in the corporate business world. We have seen the challenges faced by employees like too many work hours, stress, and poor sleep.

We’ve also seen businesses struggle to address these problems leading to undue occupational health and safety issues and considerable financial loss.


Professions like those in the medical, legal, military and construction industries are facing epidemic levels of depression, sleep disorders, stress and anxiety. We have asked HR and health and safety managers how successfully they’re addressing these problems. The answer is almost always, “We’ve tried everything and spent a lot of money on this and that but we’ve seen no meaningful lasting results.” 

There are several reasons for these failure rates:

  1. Employees struggle to make time to attend. 

  2. Employees don’t keep it up.

  3. Workshops offered by these businesses (which are short term) will never have a lasting effect on people’s behaviour because lasting change takes little bits of effort over a long period, it involves addressing the root causes of the problems and clearing the obstacles to change. Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight.

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iWithin works with a number of businesses, some small and some huge, solving the above problems through The Game Plan workshops.

There is a New Way however backed by science and over 20 years of experience. Leading businesses around the world such as Google, Boston Consulting Group and Minter Ellison know that working ridiculous hours and stress is detrimental to good business. They have started a new movement where they give employees space for their personal life, hopes, aspirations, and to grow and shine. 

Even in the first The Game Plan workshop delivered by iWithin:

  • Around 90% gave it the top rating

  • 100% said it was super useful to have their own game plan

  • 100% said they would be implementing part or all of their game plan


iWithin loves seeing people get results and step up to be the best versions of themselves. 


iWithin’s approach is built for business that want to be leaders in wellbeing and work safety, and see their employees grow and shine. 

But a warning - our workshops are strictly for businesses truly committed to supporting their employees to grow as people and giving them the space to shine in their own unique way.  We are committed to real results, not just ticking off the occupational health and wellbeing training. 

Want to experience the sustainable, employee supporting growth of your business?

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