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Want to make your life better?

 We are a premium bespoke service for people who want the best out of life. Our clients include well known and successful people, executives, those juggling work and family and those who are looking for a better version of themselves.

Our clients use iWithin for three things: 

1. Fix (poor sleep, stress, lose weight, depressed, work/life balance etc etc)

2. Create (operate at best, live life purpose, achieve, romantic relationship...)  

3. Nourish (keep growing and feed the mind, heart & spirit daily)

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iWithin is unique in its approach.  


~95% of attempts to improve one's life end in failure.


25+ years of experience spanning the fitness, diet, meditation, scientific and business worlds has led to our approach that solves this failure rate.

We get the unique challenges and needs of those who are high performers and well known whether it be in business, sports, performing or trying to be a good parent -because that is the world we play in. 

We are not peddling fads and hyped up silver bullets but rather a collection of what has been shown to work for the kind of things you need to help you achieve your better life...There is a Power of Being Wythin TM

Why the iWithin way works: 

1. Identifies efficiently your issues & their root causes 

2. Identifies and provides the antidotes for your issues & root causes 

3. A system that fits into your busy lifestyle and keeps you going

Resulting in what you personally need and not some fad-like one-size fits all approach that worked for someone completely different to you. 

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Beware of silver bullets


The areas of personal development, spiritual growth and self help have evolved into a multi-billion-dollar industry, reflecting our deep desire to connect with something more meaningful - to find the healthy peaceful us in our busy lives.

Amongst the vast ocean of options, we’re flooded with hollow gimmicks and unsubstantiated promises, like “60 seconds to transform your life”, or “the 3 steps to everlasting happiness”. 

Where’s the proof any of this works? On the other hand, a number of these supposed silver bullets, that scientists have proven don’t work, keep being sold! It’s no wonder that around 95% of attempts to improve our lives fail! And even if you find something that resonates with you in say a book - how do you make it real in your life?


How iWithin was discovered

I Discovered What Really Works, the Hard Way.

It wasn’t until I reached rock bottom that I found what I was looking for. 

I’ve been very successful in the health and wellbeing industry, starting a number of businesses including a gym and a weight loss centre. I even had a crack at venture capital and starting a stock broking firm branch. But while I enjoyed the material success of my labour, in my 20s I went through a decade of crippling depression and anxiety. 

I was prescribed drugs but wouldn’t take them - I was sure there was a better solution. For me it felt like a crisis of soul and mind rather than a medical issue (although for some this isn’t always the case.) 

I tried everything you can imagine; every type of self help I could find, from Anthony Robbins to herbs to meditation to psychology. I read hundreds of books, and even meditated for 6 to 8 hours a day for months on end with guidance from Buddhist teachers - some who lived with and were taught by the Dalai Lama. I saw psychologists and counsellors.

Finally, some of these great teachers and experts helped me overcome this depression with meditation, mindfulness and scientifically proven techniques.

I really wanted others to have the benefit of what took me a long time and much work to find. I was fascinated by how some people succeed whilst many others don’t. It seems that people who are unsuccessful have a built in immunity to change - and they commonly say that they lack the time and can’t keep up the change. 

So applying the scientific and analytical rigour of my university degrees in biology and law, I spent countless hours studying and trialling Personal Development, Buddhist, Christian, and Hindu material, and researching thousands of scientific papers and experts to find out what really works.

From my exhaustive research I saw a pattern unfolding; a formula, comprised of 21 ingredients that anyone can apply to fulfil their goals. In all of the success stories I studied, either most or all of these 21 ingredients were present. 

Whether it’s for weight loss, sleeping issues, beating depression, reducing stress or finding meaning in life, I’ve seen this formula applied, time after time, consistently helping people achieve the goals that matter most to them. 

I wanted to make sure this was not just theoretical. I practiced and honed what I’d learned; how to turn my busy mind off; how to re-energise myself; how to drop the stress, sleep better and have more confidence. 

Applying this formula helped me to build a highly successful career in one of the hardest professions on the planet – being a partner of a major law firm working on billion-dollar investment deals. I was able to thrive in this high pressure environment while still making time for a life that had real meaning for me with a wonderful wife and children.

It’s not just me the formula has helped: people who couldn’t sleep for 25 years are now able to have a proper night’s rest. Workaholics have achieved balance in their life. People with long term obesity have lost weight without dieting. All of this is based on real science and real results.    All the best, Nathan Cahill



We often resonate with profound ideas but we lack the means to make them real in our lives.

We at iWithin wanted to make a tool to translate this formula for success into a short, daily routine that can be fit into our busy lives. The research shows that small, incremental practices over time can accumulate into profound personal transformation and a meaningful life for the user. Certain practices have even been shown to physically rewire our brains in 8 to 12 weeks.

So, by synthesising the wisdom of the ages from cherished spiritual traditions with evidence based research, iWithin, the world’s first personalized transformational guide, was born.

Your Unique Plan for A Meaningful Life, Simplified.

  • iWithin helps you figure out what goals will genuinely improve your life. 

  • It then helps you identify the root causes of your current predicament and which skills you lack that are vital for overcoming your challenges and reaching your goals. 

  • Using the 21 ingredients of the success formula, we help you create your unique game plan, then deliver the lessons and practices you need to execute it.


iWithin distils wisdom relevant to you and then guides you along the way. Every day, it empowers you to make the best steps towards your goals. The steps that the happier, healthier, more fulfilled you would make. No matter where you are now, iWithin takes your inner game to the next level. 




iWithin is not a quick fix or a silver bullet - they don’t exist.

iWithin is for people who truly want to step up, take the reigns and make the effort so when they look back on their life they feel they spent it well. This is about starting a new life, for the rest of your life. 

We’re now presenting The Game Plan Workshops for businesses & accepting a limited number of individuals for our 21 Ingredient Program.

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